The Abu Simbel Tour is comprised of a trip by air to the location of the Two Rock Temples of Abu Simbel.  Guests will tour the first temple of Ramsees II and the temple of Nefertari, after which guests will be offered a glamorous lunch and the chance to shop in the magnificent bazaars of Abu Simbel while admiring the beautiful scenes of Lake Nasser.

Abu Simbel is approximately 850km south of Cairo (580km from Hurghada) is an ancient archaeological site which contains two massive rock temples that were carved from the mountainside during the reign of Ramsees II.  During the constriction of the Aswan Dam and the creation of Lake Nasser in the 1960s, the rock temples were entirely relocated to an artificial hill and dome stricture above the Aswan High Dam reservoir.  This move is considered an engineering milestone.