History Of Country Burger

Burger, is the name given to a grilled beef patty the best original burger in town that is
served in a bun, along with condiments like ketchup, special dressing, lettuce, tomato,
onion, cheese, etc. A burger is usually accompanied with lots of French fries. With time,
other ingredients, like potato, vegetables, chicken, have started adding beside the beef in
the bun . Burger is a very popular fast-food of almost all the kids as well as college-goers.
However, very few have every thought about the history and origin of the delicious patty.
To get some interesting information on background of burger, read on.

The origin of burger is a bit hazy and unclear. This is because there is no proper
documentation to give us an idea about how the fast food came into being. Still, many
people have claimed that the burger 'patty' was first noticed in the medieval times. used
to place pieces of beef under their saddles. Under the weight of the rider and the saddle,
the pieces used to turn tender enough to be eaten raw. Thus was born the pure Australian

A food item resembling the present-day burger, to some an extent, wes when the German
immigrants arrived in America, they brought it along with them. With time, the raw,
chopped piece of beef evolved into the ‘patty sandwiched in a bun’. Thus, it can be said that
America had a major role in giving the world the hamburger, as we know of it today.

In 2012 the three founders / Gehad ,Mustafa and Muhammad was creat anew concept in
Egypt depend on pure Australian beef (no onion ,no herbs , no species) just salt and pepper
they called the brand (country burger )looks like western and contain the identity of
(warmth ,aggressive and powerful )

The international group for food services country burger owners

ALTHOUGH recently established international group for food services which is owned
country burger fast food brand,GROUP has a clear vision and direction as a trading

THE GROUPS' SCOPE SHALL include various trading , services and supplying activities ,
however considering being a master franchisee forms the heart of the company.

AN asset to the group is the partner's team who posses a wealth of knowledge in the field of
customer & F&B SERVICES, total quality management, leadership and Training.


" TO GROW country burger as one of the leading companies, providing the highest quality
of products and services to its customers ."


To make the best original burger sandwich in town

. TO enhance the franchise image in the territory and create loyalty to the brand with all our
customers & employees

. TO offer a differentiating service experience that will make us number ONE choice for the
customers among competitors.


Country burger shall play a leading role in the Egyptian market, developing new levels of
customer & F&B service excellence, nationally at all times through the constant supply of
high quality and excellent service.

We seek commercial success coupled with commitment to service, health and safety

In our endeavor to achieve our strategic vision and mission at all levels, we refer to our mutual values that remain our first and prime reference at all times.



WE will deliver products and services of consistently high quality and differentiating service
experience to all customers, so that we secure loyalty and enthusiasm of our customers.


Aim to be one of the market leaders by providing products and services, which successfully
and profitability will integrate the most advanced developments.


We will recruit and train the highest caliber of employees, who will be able to continuously
improve the business in an environment that encourages teamwork. Loyalty and commitment.

Financial strength

We will provide products and services of high quality, which offers good value for money to
our customers and will advance group's profitability through both creative savings and
determined selling.

Our core strategies

. DIFFERENTIATING SERVICE STANDARDS: by providing superior customer service that will create a lasting change in customer's choice.

. CLIENT PARTNERING: by establishing a collaborative method for building long term and valued relationships with all clients.

. MARKET PRESENCE: BY developing integrated and customized marketing initiatives including practices, platforms and products to expand visibility and brand name respect and recognition.

. INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: by developing a leading edge service and product quality that will be known as '' THE BEST PRACTICE''.



Create a differentiating customer experience through an environment of excellence which encompasses its processes, people, services and products. .

. Ensure that highly trained, motivated and committed teams operate in a flexible and empowered structure to deliver consistent and exceptional standards of customer care.

. Ensure that systems and processes are implemented, reviewed and continuously improved to achieve and maintain a leading position in the market.

. set quality objectives for all employees which ensure the deployment of the international group for food services strategies.

The suitability of this quality policy shall be reviewed periodically to meet the requirement of internal and external standard.

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